PRIDE/Community-based Mental Health Services

PRIDE stands for Personal Responsibility In Developing Excellence, and is Northwood Children’s Services community based mental health program. It is a CTSS (Children’s Therapeutic Services and Supports) program that provides flexible mental health services for people ages 0 to 21, who require varying therapeutic and rehabilitative levels of intervention. A student that has more behavioral issues would likely benefit from working with a mental health practitioner, where as someone that needs to process thoughts and feelings would benefit from psychotherapy. Often we see students that have a mental health practitioner to practice the behavioral skills and a psychotherapist to do the internal feelings work. Both skills work and psychotherapy can be delivered as individual, group, or family. And these services can be provided at home, in the community, at school, and our offices by expertly trained staff from Northwood Children’s Services. Often these PRIDE services are part of the step down process, from a higher level of care such as residential or day treatment. But other times, community based treatment is all that is needed for a student and their family to get back on track.

PRIDE actively improves the student’s

  • Self-concept
  • Behavior
  • Social relationships
  • Overall sense of well-being and satisfaction
  • Classroom engagement and educational motivation
  • Attitude toward schoolwork and school
  • Respect for authority
  • Self-control

This program is funded through Minnesota Medical Assistance and most private health insurance companies. Any person from 0 to 21 who is in need of behavioral skills training or psychotherapy due to a diagnosed mental health issues can be referred to PRIDE. The first step is to determine the student’s need for mental health services and this is done with a written evaluation called a Diagnostic Assessment. To get started with the process, please call to set up a Diagnostic Assessment appointment with a psychotherapist at 218-728-7181.

For more information, please contact:

Heidi Kahlstorf, MS, LMFT
PRIDE Program Supervisor
Northwood Children's Services
714 W. College Street
Duluth, MN 55811
218-728-7198 Direct
218-724-8815 Main Campus