Gardening at the West Campus

Usually teenage boys don’t need an excuse to play with mud, worms, and get their clothes full of dirt…but the Husky boys have one!

This summer the Husky team has taken on the project of managing the West campus garden. Starting in the green house with snow still on the ground the boys got their first taste of planting seeds. The Husky boys planted and cultivated over 400 different plants from seed to be sold at the bake sale, with the leftovers being planted around the West campus and in the garden. From Chinese Lanterns and Marigolds to radishes and tomatoes, the Husky boys have become amateur botanists, with many of the boys still taking care of plants from the May craft sale in their rooms.

Through hard-work and patience, these incredible young men have turned plots of weeds into sprouting patches of vegetables in the West campus garden. While working in the garden, the Huskies have the opportunity to mentor younger peers from around the building. This allows the Husky gentlemen to build valuable leadership and social skills, while also fostering a sense of pride and accomplishment. This fall, the Huskies hope to host a harvest celebration pending a successful season of gardening!

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