How You Can Help

For the past 132 years, Northwood Children’s Services has provided compassionate service for the care and treatment of children with emotional, behavioral and learning disabilities. Each year, thanks to the support our Donor Family, Northwood Children’s Services touches the lives of nearly 500 children annually. Today, your kindness and generosity will support our programs and services that encourage positive development, foster independence and promote the type of self-sufficiency that can change a child’s life.

Charitable support is a key factor in Northwood’s ability to further its mission by off-setting our daily costs through donations of cash, securities, retirement, savings bonds, real estate, cars, stock, life insurance, donated goods and services.

How You Can Help:

We’re Caring for Children

Northwood Children’s Services provides professional care, education, and treatment for boys and girls with emotional, behavioral, and learning disabilities.

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