5 Easy Tips for Helping Your Child Maintain Mental Wellness this Summer


Summertime in general can be a big change for kids, let alone in a pandemic! Northwood’s own Amy Fullerton MSEd., LPCC has put together a super easy guide to helping your children stay on track this summer and maintaining their mental wellness.

1. Keep basic routines, even in the summer (e.g. bedtimes, meal times, chores, etc)
2. Limit screen time and encourage kids to get outside and be active (ideally adults would join them)! Duluth has so many wonderful biking and hiking trails, beaches, parks, etc.
3. Encourage your child (and/or join them in it) to take part in volunteer activities or to do random acts of kindness. Doing kind things for others/animals makes us feel better!
4. Talk to your kids about what’s going on in the world (in a developmentally appropriate way). There are a lot of good resources out there to help parents with this—or ask a professional!
5. Be a good role model—more than anything we as adults TELL a child, what we SHOW them has a bigger impact! When we take good care of ourselves, our kids are more likely to develop those same healthy habits.

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