Northwood Does CrossFit!

Our Residential programs had a very unique and special opportunity to experience something new and exciting – Northwood teamed up with CrossFit Duluth to bring “Tyler’s Great Adventure” to our kids!  Dale and Cory Collison (owners of CrossFit Duluth) along with dozens of volunteers, came to the West campus to provide an adventurous experience and showcase for the kids, along with a strong message speaking out against distracted driving. The day was in memorial for the Collison’s son, Tyler, who died after being struck by a distracted driver five years ago.  The day was full of activities and showcases of things that Tyler loved to do – a CrossFit workout, a skateboarding demo from Damage, a K9 police dog introduction and talk, and fire dancing from the Insphyre Performance group.

After the event, the “Tyler’s Great Adventure” sponsored two teams of two of the Husky students to participate in a worldwide competition called Festivus.  There were four students who spent six hard weeks training for this day full of workouts.  These students completed all of the workouts and had a blast!  They all said it was a lot of hard work, but by the end of the day, they were asking “when is the next one?”

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