Birthdays are celebrated many different ways around the world.  One way is a Quinceanera, which is a Latin American celebration for a girl’s fifteenth birthday.  This celebration is held to recognize a girl’s passage from girlhood to womanhood.

Recently, a Hispanic student on the Timberwolves team turned fifteen and a Quinceanera was held at the West campus.  Genesis dressed in a beautiful formal gown and the other girls on the team dressed up and were part of the celebration by standing in as Genesis’ “Damas,” or attendants.  Students and staff from the other teams were guests.  There was a special lunch held in the dining room and when the lunch was finished, there was a ceremony and reception in the festively decorated gym. During the reception, Genesis had heeled shoes and a tiara placed on her by her sister.  She danced the “Quince Waltz” with a special member of her family. There was music, dancing, a photo area with props and desserts for everyone to enjoy.

Everyone in attendance seemed to really enjoy the celebration.  It gave everyone an opportunity to participate in a cultural activity that they may not have otherwise had a chance to experience.

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